Program Overview Status of K12 CS in Indiana

About IndianaComputes

Improving Computer Science pathways for teachers and students from local homeroom sites around the state.

IndianaComputes! It is a collaboration of universities and colleges around the state to provide local Computer Science opportunities for teachers and students within their own regional area. Teachers have access to free topical workshops, free classroom materials, free graduate coursework, and free dual credit training. Districts can take advantage of free training, free curriculum planning, and if desired, free program evaluation and data analysis. Students benefit from free university-sponsored Computer Science events, connections to local, state and national industries, expanded dual credit coursework, and early college admissions.

At the K-8 level, we offer:

  • Support for ALL the state standards, including data literacy, modeling, and simulations
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum resources with STEAM cross-walked standards
  • Cybersecurity content
  • Engineering process problem-based learning
  • Collaborative learning strategies
  • Broadening participation strategies
  • Focused topical workshops
  • Free graduate-level coursework

At the 9-12 level, we offer:

  • Free dual credit training
  • Interdisciplinary Computer Science curriculum resources
  • Cybersecurity Content
  • Engineering process problem-based learning
  • Collaborative learning strategies
  • Broadening participation strategies
  • Focused topical workshops
  • Free graduate-level coursework

CS Homeroom

With complete state coverage, IndianaComputes! provides a local, homeroom base for teachers and students to develop genuine computational skills.

Workshops & Capstones

Below is a list of workshops that will be coming soon to a Homeroom near you. Please watch for surveys that allow you to indicate scheduling preferences. And, feel free to contact your local Homeroom to request additional workshops or on-site trainings.


  • District Planning and Evaluation Strategies
  • iLearn Preparation
  • CS K-8 Standard Fundamentals
  • Physical Computing
  • STEAM Computer Science
  • Data Literacy
  • Industry Exploration
  • Agile Software Development
  • Computer Science STEM Technology Tools
  • K-8 Computer Science Showcase of Free Curricula and (Not all free) Classroom Materials
  • K-8 Cybersecurity
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Scratch Programming


  • Middle School Exploring Computer Science
  • Computer Science Principles (AP or Dual Credit)

Dual & Graduate Credit

  • Computes Science Principles (AP or Dual Credit)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Databases
  • Data Literacy
  • Advanced Programming in Java
  • Introductory Programming in Python

Teacher Support

Monthly meetings for teachers provide networking opportunities and focused deep dives into CS content. In addition, free workshops will be offered in key areas, for beginning and experienced teachers alike. Teachers can also enroll in local cohort groups to complete graduate-level coursework

Student Support

Students will be invited to participate in state and national CS challenges and attend local workshops designed to develop their computing skills.

Administrative, Building Leaders and Curriculum Planners

Participate in free workshops including CS program planning, iLearn preparation, CS curriculum audits, free assessment strategies and more. Are your teachers really hitting all of the state standards? (IndianaComputes! advocates a specific K-6 scope and sequencing plan designed to optimize iLearn preparation, and has developed hundreds of bell work activities to help teachers find additional time to teach Computer Science). Counselors, we have free recruiting materials to help invite students to Computer Science and plans for building more pathway opportunities.